Garden & pond
Garden & pond

Gen-an is a hide-out traditional tea room, 2 minutes walk from Ginkaku-ji temple.

It is named from the original owner "Sougen Hika", the associate professor of Urasenke, one of the biggest tea-family. "Gen" comes from Sougen and "An" means hermitage.


This tea room is originally built attached to the house of Sougen, and recently we partially renovated to welcome you.


Though the garden is small and we still need caring, the moss grows mottled, there are camellias, pinetree, Japanese maple and various seasonal plants. The water in the pond is coming from Daimonji mountain, frogs and river crabs are coming in summer, you can feel each of the four seasons of Kyoto.


We hope you will have relaxed time in here.


preparation room for tea ceremony
Preparation room


In tea ceremony, the utensils change depending on the seasons.

It is one of the most important essence to incorporate the sense of the season in a way of tea.

Each time you visit, you will find new discoveries.


Seasonal dry sweets of Kyoto
Seasonal dry sweets of Kyoto

In our experience course, we serve you

Matcha tea: from "Ryu-ou-en", a mellow flavor with a reputation.

Sweets: from Long established confectionery shops in Kyoto such as "Kame-suehiro", "Nijo-wakasaya","Kameya-Yoshinaga","Tsuruya-Yoshinobu","Tawaraya-Yositomi" and others.


We hope you to enjoy the seasonal Kyoto confections not only the taste but also with your eyes.