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★ Authentic Tea Ceremony, for beginners with English guidance.

★ Non touristy. Very authentic way . Compacted into 45 minutes.

★ Only 6 guests maximum in a slot.

Tea ceremony of Edo period
Tea ceremony of Edo period

"Chado", the Japanese traditional way of tea with the essence of simplicity,  is stylized from the spirit of Zen, developed in Kyoto, in Samurai age more than 400 yrs ago. Just serving matcha tea became a kind of spiritual discipline and an art form since then.


Here, you can enjoy this tradition in unique style by being real guests of the ceremony. Immerse yourself in and discover the essence of Japanese culture. In a hide-out small tearoom near the Silver Pavilion in Kyoto.



12:30-13:15, 13:30-14:15, 15:00-15:45, 16:00-16:45.


◾️Course Flow

- Reception at the entrance.

- The course starts by entering the garden just like the real authentic tea gathering. Our guide takes you through the garden to the tea-room.

- Learn the basic custom of the way of tea before the demonstration.

- Watch the host's authentic tea preparing procedure (demonstration), you will attend as real guests and being served sweets and matcha tea.

- After the ceremony, enjoy making your own tea at your seat under the guidance of the host.


⚫︎Charge of Private session: 

2 persons= ¥7000/p (Total ¥14000)

3 persons= ¥5400/p (Total ¥16200)

4 persons= ¥4600/p (Total ¥18400)

5 persons= ¥4200/p (Total ¥21000)

6 persons= ¥4000/p (Total ¥24000)


⚫︎Charge of Group session (shared seating) = ¥4000/p

*Including matcha tea and traditional dry sweets for each, and our English guide attendance.

*Capacity 6 guests maximum at one slot.
*Fee will be charged also for accompanying persons and your interpreters. 


※ Booking required by the day before.
※ No kimono rental service.

※ For who are difficult at sitting on tatami-mat, we have small chairs.



We have "Shared seating, group session". 

*Translation into foreign languages is prohibited at shared seating. You need to reserve the private.

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Select the date & time and apply. When you receive confirmation e-mail from us, reservation is completed. If there is no reply from us within 24 hours, sorry but please send it again.

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メモ: * は入力必須項目です

メモ: * は入力必須項目です

メモ: * は入力必須項目です

Once the reservation is confirmed, cancellation is accepted until 17p.m. of Japan time on the previous day.

Please note that after the time above will be charged in full 100%.


Our entrance has noren curtain something like this (changes in season).
If you arrive earlier, please wait inside of Noren (outdoor).

Please wear socks.
We're asking to refrain from barefeet in the tea room.


Sitting position in the room:

For who are difficult to stay in seiza position (sitting erect with one's legs folded beneath), we have small chairs. Please give your voice when you enter the tea room.


We look forward to seeing you (^o^)/