Explore the unique Japanese tradition,

Casually, in an Authentic Way !

Our Programs

■Authentic Tea Ceremony Experience with a guide, on Saturdays and Sundays (45 minutes)

■Easy Matcha Whisking Experience, on Weekdays (25 minutes) 

Experience a way of tea in real tea-room in Kyoto
Experience a way of tea in real tea-room in Kyoto

Gen-an is a hideaway traditional Tea-Room located 2 minutes walk from Ginkaku-ji(Silver Pavilion) in Kyoto, Japan.

We are holding the tea ceremony sessions for beginners.


In the authentic session, just like a traditional tea party, you will pass through the tea garden to reach the tearoom.

In the tea-room, the host demonstrate the traditional preparing procedure and you will attend as a guest. After that, you can also try making your own matcha tea with a bamboo whisk.


- Love Matcha green tea and Japanese sweets?
  - You can enjoy both!


- Interested in tea ceremony but thinking it might be difficult?
  - The guide will attend on you!


- Interested in it as a Samurai flavor?

  - Samurai enjoyed very much tea ceremony since more than 400 yrs ago.  Experience and feel the atmosphere of Samurai spirit!


- Love ceramic ware?

  - We use tea bowls of various ceramics, you can drink tea using one of them.

- Want a healing calm time between sightseeing?

  - It's in a quiet area. Please feel the sound of the procedure, sometimes with birds and frogs singing outside...


- Want to have a good time memories with friends and family?

  - You can take photos also when you are making your own tea.


- Want to enjoy Japanese traditional culture together with Japanese people?

  - Session is shared seated to the international people, held in Japanese language and available also in English.


The guide will attend to you throughout the experience.

The host will teach how to make Foamy Matcha.


Experience casually, in an authentic way of tea near Ginkaku-ji temple in Kyoto!


Explore the Japanese traditional culture
Explore the Japanese traditional culture